Rockford, IL Senior Photographer- Kameo, Honnonegah High School 2013

It sounds cliche to say that a photograph capture’s a person’s essence. If I’m being honest, I think that there are a very small percentage of photographs in the world that actually do just that.  Amidst the gagillion crafted images that a photographer takes over his/her lifetime, it is the image that evokes the response, “That’s  ______ (insert subject’s name here),”  that are treasured most. You know, when you see an image of someone you know and love and somehow in that one shot, all of their light, life and love just seems to radiate through it? That’s what I felt like going through Kameo’s images. While an image is no substitute for the real thing (I wish everyone could know this amazing young lady and hear her beautiful voice,) I think that her spirit shines through. And if you know her well, I hope that you find yourself saying (like I did,) “That’s Kameo!”


You may remember Kameo and Mishel from my Hunger Games Inspired Shoots. Well, both of their Senior Sessions were done on the same weekend and completely tailored for each of them. Mishel’s session was posted 2 weeks ago and can be found here. I love that they are both such great friends and will be going to the same college together next year!! It’d be tragic really to break up such a talented duo. Kameo is just a stylish, just a talented, and just as sweet as Mishel. However, I love that Kameo’s session was so totally unique to her. Bohemian/Hippy was the vibe we were going for.


I had many fun things planned for Kameo. She knew about the feathers, but the others were a surprise.




She would have loved to have had some corn fields to play in, but early spring is not conducive to that. So, we found some left over tall wintery grass/reeds instead.



Just give peace a chance. That’s all we are saying. (O.K. she is probably too young to know that song, but the sentiment is the same!)

We both agreed that we would end in a field and just be creative and free. And that’s what we did.



She chose the second to last for one of her wallet sets. She had me put “The Lord is my light and salvation” on it from Psalm 27:1. I loved it because well, “That’s Kameo.”