My Home For The Holidays

Ahhh…. My house is clean. Like CLEAN clean. Like Monica from FRIENDS clean. Shopping is completely finished, and the presents are wrapped. I honestly don’t know how I managed to get it done with a few days to rest and enjoy, seeing as how we JUST got our tree a week ago Tuesday and I only started decorating and shopping on Sunday. Taking a trip to Disney World the first 2 weeks of December and then getting awfully sick once i got home kind of put a hold on getting my house in Holiday order. I certainly did not do as much as I usually do and it was kind of nice to have an excuse to not go overboard and be my usual neurotic self. And truthfully, I’ll take a 10 days in warm weather at Disney for Christmas over FULLY decking my halls at home any day!!

As I sit and enjoy a slightly simpler Holiday. I thought I’d share some photos of my Home from last Christmas.  When we bought our house 16 years ago it was pretty much falling apart. But when I walked into it, I immediately envisioned it decorated for Christmas (and remodeled of course) and I was sold. Many of my favorite Christmas treasures are vintage items that I’ve been collecting for years and as I put them out each year I can’t help but feel like they were destined for my 100+ year old home.

I do like to mix old and new however, and every few years I tend to re-theme our living room tree and decor. Last year was the year of Deer, Tartan, and plaid and I loved it. This room makes me so happy to sit in with it’s Cheerful and Classic Christmas Colors.




I’m actually a little obsessive about my wrapping paper. I usually find the best patterns (at the best prices) at T.J. Maxx and if I find something I love I will make sure to get multiples so that I can use it for a few years. I also love to just display the rolls because, well, they are just so darn pretty to me!

christmas-home-12That snow scene print in the black frame was a surprise that I found one year at an antique store. I bought a vintage Christmas Box ad when I got home that print was hiding inside!



My “Blue Room” decor rarely changes. It’s usually filled with my Vintage Shiny Brites in colors of Aqua, Pink, and Gold.



Some of my favorite items in this room are my vintage Christmas Cards and my wood carved Nativity from Haiti.





Each year, my hallway and staircase look completely different. You never know what I will do (or not do) with it. Kind of depends on my mood and how much energy I have left as it is usually the last to get decorated.


My Dining Room is another that makes me so happy. Filled with vintage goodies that i’ve collected over the years. Shiny Brites and Napco Figurines. And, I cannot forget all of my Vintage Christmas Table Cloths! They are probably my all time favorite Christmas Decor.






I have to give a shout out to a good friend, Janet Murray, who has very generously supplied me with many beautiful Shiny Brite Ornaments over the years. She too collects them and seems to pick me up a few treasures when she’s looking for her own.

Last but not least is my kitchen. Last year I went all out with my decor in there. I probably went a little overboard, but if you can’t do that at Christmas then when can you?







Some of my favorite items in the kitchen include the giant copper cookie cutters that I found at a antique store, and my Napco Kissing Angel Salt and Pepper Shakers. Then of course, my kitchen is always stocked with my favorite yummy butter cookies. I eat way too many of those each year!



Thanks for taking time to look around my Holiday Home. I hope you can see how much joy it brings me to fill it with my beautiful and bright treasures. It certainly helps me get through a time of year that I would otherwise categorize as “gloomy.” I’d love to hear about any special Christmas treasures that you fill your home with each year and any stories you have behind them!