About Mandy

Your Photographer

I am a mom, pastors wife, singer, photographer and artist.  I love all things vintage, classic, and timeless and love making old things new again. I am constantly working on my 100+ year old home. I was born and raised in sunny Southern California, and transplanted to Southern Wisconsin when I married my husband 15 years ago. I love the Mid-west and all it has to offer (beautiful seasons, peonies and lilacs in the spring, and wonderful people,) but admittedly miss the sun, oceans and warm weather of my home state. I love traveling and am planning for that “someday” when I get to trot all over the globe with my husband. Speaking of my husband, over the past 15 years he and I have worked together in the creative arts field. We’ve had the opportunity to use music, writing, drama, video, and photography as mediums for creating large scale productions and artistic experiences for thousands of people. I’ve found that there are few things I love more than creating  something beautiful to share with others. Music, art, everything classic, nature, light, people, travel…these are all things that influence and inspire me as a photographer and artist.


Your Photographs

Over the years, as I’ve fallen more and more in love with Photography, I’ve had the opportunity to refine my style. I like to create images that speak to me, and evoke emotions in others. Clients have described my images as “Creative,” “Art,” and “So full of personality and emotion.” Telling Your Story artfully, authentically and timelessly is what I shoot for.  Giving you an exceptional experience at every session is also one of my goals.  I pre-plan every session. Through the use of high end equipment, light, color and composition, I work to create images that you will be proud to look at and display even 20 years from now.


Behind The Lens

I do love photography and my job! But, there is so much more to me. Here are a few more random facts about me:

-Singing is actually my #1 talent and when I’m not behind my camera, you can find me leading people in worship at my church.
-I once sang on stage with Michael Bolton as part of my HS choir. I was never really a MB fan, and the most memorable part was that it was the day of the infamous O.J. Simpson Bronco Chase (yep, I’m pretty old.)
-I have climbed to the peak of the 2nd highest mountain in Colorado. It took me 6 hrs to get to the top and 6 hrs. to get back down. It was one of the most physically grueling things I have ever done. I cried at least once.
-Other things that I’m head over hills in love with include: Having fun with my family, deep discussions about life and God with my uber smart husband, gardening, reading, Iced Tea, Ice-cream, Mexican Food, The Cheesecake Factory, Disney World, the colors pink and aqua (both separately and together,) all of the Great Jazz Music of yesteryear.


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