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  • Hi, I'm Mandy. I am a Professional Photographer who mostly serves clients in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. However, I love to travel and have also photographed Destination Weddings in Minnesota, Michigan, California, and at Disney World in Florida. Photographs are important to me, and if you are considering me as Your Photographer, they are important to you as well. I am very fortunate to have clients who trust me to document their lives, and I take that job very seriously. My work has been featured in Memory Makers Magazine, and Northwest Quarterly. In 2009, I was one of FotoDC's top 100 FOTOBAMA finalists in which I had my photograph of the President prominently displayed in Washington DC's Newseum, as well as published in a book. My favorite subjects to photograph are High School Seniors and Happy Couples on their Wedding Day. If you would like more information about my services, click on the "Contact Me" link in the menu above.

Cathy + Lloyd | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer


Getting to see and work with a previous client’s Friends or Family is one of my favorite things. So I was thrilled when Cathy contacted me and asked if I was available for her and Lloyd’s April Wedding Date. I instantly remembered both of them from her daughter Mandy’s Wedding (which was one of my most favorite weddings to photograph and you can view it HERE.) I got to learn more about their sweet love story as we met back in Dec. to discuss wedding details. Both had lost their spouses and it was evident that they were so thankful for this second chance at finding love. Their whole day celebrated that love, along with their love for their children and grandchildren. It was simply a happy day and I hope that you can see that in their photos.


It was clear that lots of photos of their grandchildren was a priority. And, this little cutie gave me plenty to photograph throughout the day!

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 4


Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 5



Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 8

Very sweet moment watching her sons walk her down. Her daughter Mandy had her brother’s walk her down as well. I thought that it was so special they share that.


Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 6


Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 7


Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 26


This little guy never stopped smiling. The whole day long! I think he was happy for his grandma. 🙂


Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 10

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 3

I was really excited to be able to photograph in This church again. It is just so beautiful. And Father Mike gives a really spirited and personal Ceremony.

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 13

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 11

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 12

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 9

It was so lovely to see their children surrounding them with love and celebrating with them.

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 20

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 19

And, the cutest couple award goes to….

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 25Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 23

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 1

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 22

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 2

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 27

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 21

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 24Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 18

Just a few details here. The reception was just beautiful. I heard that Mandy was responsible for the gorgeous flowers. The speeches were hilarious.

Lloyd has such a great sense of humor and had a whole bit planned out that had everyone in stitches.

Moore Wedding Collage 1

Easy to see they are in love.

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 14

And of course, there was plenty of dancing. It was so much fun to see both the littles and the Not So Littles out on the dance floor. I actually got to meet several of Lloyd and Cathy’s couple friends during the reception.

I loved hearing their stories. Many talked to me about they met and married. Of course it made me eager to get home and give my own husband a hug.

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 15

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 16

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Moore Blog 17

Thank you Lloyd and Cathy for choosing me to document your happy day!

Fall Home Fun

Can I be honest for a minute on this Thanksgiving Eve? I really really do not care for Fall. I can hear about 95% of you gasping right now. Let me explain. I grew up in Southern California where Fall means, well, not snow (yes we got quite the dumping on last week with over a foot.) My first Wisconsin Fall took place 19 years ago and I was really excited about it. I had heard about the fall colors and they did not disappoint. My mom and dad came to visit from CA and it was so much fun showing them around and doing all of typical Midwest Fall Activities together. It also happened to be an El Nino year, which of course meant waaaaay warmer than usual temps. Looking back I feel I may have been tricked, because little did I know that subsequent year’s would be cold as heck!

What I also did not know was that the very next Fall, immediately after Halloween, I would watch my Dad pass away in the Hospital. Every year thereafter, the crisp (cold) air and and falling leaves would be there to remind me of one of the saddest moments of my life. This season is a season of struggle for me. Facing the uncomfortable cold (sometimes snow in early Oct.), the dying back of my beloved greenery (you all no I love my growing things) and the memories of my dad (yes it can still hurt after 18), the melancholy can seem to sneak up on me.

This year was different though. Maybe it was that blessed El Nino bringing me some unusually warm temps. Or maybe it’s been some hope that I have received for myself and for other’s I know that have been struggling with their health. Whatever it was, somehow I managed to really love Fall this year. For the first time ever, I decorated my house for the season. I found so much Joy and Therapy in doing so too!! In fact, I found that therapy so often that my husband said, “You and your pumpkin painting!” I did paint quite a few of them. I also found some joy in many other DIY fall projects, which I will try to point out.

Tomorrow I will have 15+ people that I love in my house. It will be filled with joy and laughter and maybe a few tears as we will be missing someone who cannot be with us. But, I am so blessed and thankful to have a home to share, friends and family to share it with, and a husband and kids who put up with all of my pumpkin painting. I hope you enjoy my  photos as you all prepare to gather with your own loved ones.

XOXO Mandy


Our Kitchen was remodeled 2 years ago due to a flood. It is absolutely the most favorite room in my home! I’m not a huge fan of orange, but added some in for the season. I think it goes well with my copper elements as well.

Fall House Tour-12

Fall House Tour-8

  Fall House Tour-9

Have to keep some of these treats around for my 2 year old niece. She calls them acorns. 🙂

Fall House Tour-3

Fall House Tour-6

One of my favorite projects this fall. Best part is that when the pumpkins are done, I can put the succulents in one of my terrariums.

Fall House Tour-2

Onto my living room. Yes, I have white couches. Yes, I babysit a 2 year old And have teenagers and A husband. Yes, the covers are currently being washed for company tomorrow.

Fall House Tour-37

Each season I draw on a fresh piece of craft paper for under my coffee table glass. This past spring and summer it was peonies. Last Christmas it was a deer head. Dried Hydrangeas from my yard were a perfect fit for my vase.

Fall House Tour-41

Pinterest is great for free printouts!

Fall House Tour-39

Fall House Tour-38

Onto our Fireplace room (or as we call it “The Blue Room”)

Fall House Tour-33

My banner changes throughout the seasons, but I always incorporate some blue watercolor elements because I love watercolor. My Dad actually painted watercolors growing up and I loved seeing his work.

Fall House Tour-27

Painting Dropcloths are great for wall hanging and lettering canvases.

Fall House Tour-17

Tis the season for lots of Wheat!!

Fall House Tour-21Fall House Tour-19

Fall House Tour-18Fall House Tour-22

I am not at all great at Chalkboard lettering, but I at least can draw some simple leaves.

Fall House Tour-23Fall House Tour-24Fall House Tour-25Fall House Tour-26Fall House Tour-28

Fall House Tour-29

My Dinning Room is another one of my favorites this season. I went a bit fancier than I thought I would. But, those green pumpkin and copper accents were calling my name.

 Fall House Tour-53

Fall House Tour-55

Say it with me, “Copper Spray Paint is your friend.”

Fall House Tour-54Fall House Tour-43Fall House Tour-51Fall House Tour-48

Photo of my Daddy up there.

Fall House Tour-49

Spray Paint goes with everything. Even Wheat!

Fall House Tour-52

Fall House Tour-56

Fall House Tour-50

A great reminder for us all this Thanksgiving season.

Fall House Tour-45

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eugenia+ Todd|Chicago IL Wedding Photographer

Is this thing on? That’s what I feel like I’m saying to the blogosphere at the moment, as if it is some rusty old microphone that I haven’t picked up in a long time. I have officially proven that I am quite the slacker when it comes to posting my work. There was a time when I was really quite on top of it all. But life happens and sometimes things have to take a back burner. Today I had to bring it out for a little spin though because Eugenia and Todd have been oh so patiently waiting for their photos and they deserve a little peak before I send them out.

Their day was absolutely perfect. Great Weather, tons of supportive family and friends, and a beautiful ceremony were just some of the elements that made it such a special day. It was my first time photographing a Greek Orthodox Wedding and I was very much taken by all of the special traditions.

Eugenia started her day with hair and make-up at her mom’s house.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 2

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 3

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 1

Her dress was so beautiful and classic. If Kate Middleton had to do it all over again, I’m sure she’d choose a dress just like Eugenia’s.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 4Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 5

I actually met Eugenia for the first time in 2014 when I photographed her best friend Carolyn’s Wedding. These 2 ladies are just about the sweetest I’ve ever met and I’ve been so lucky to have had such lovely brides to photograph.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 6

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 7Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 8

One of those Greek traditions I mentioned earlier was the dancing. This was just a practice run here. Eugenia found a traditional Greek quartet that played for throughout the day. They were so good and really added so much to the day.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 9

There were may lovely details throughout the day, but here a re just a few.

Chicago Greek Wedding Collage 1

This was my first time even being inside of a Greek Orthodox Church and I was just overwhelmed by it’s ornate beauty.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 33

Another unique tradition was that Eugenia was presented to Todd before the ceremony even began in the church. The quartet was playing for this as well and all of the guests surrounded the happy couple. It was very joyful and celebratory and it seemed to set them both at ease.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 10

They did choose to do a traditional American processional as well.

There were an awful lot of adorable little ones involved in the ceremony. I’d say about half of them made it down on their own. The rest needed a little encouragement.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 12

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 11

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 13Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 14

The ceremony included more traditional Greek Elements. In fact, the much of the service was actually in Greek. And most of the parts that were in Greek were sung or chanted by the priest. I found it to be very sacred and beautiful.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 15Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 16Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 17

I forget what Eugenia said this was called, but it entailed a few trips around and a sprinkling of rose petals.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 18Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 19Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 20

And then a celebratory send off! I assured Eugenia afterward that I’d be able to Photoshop out all of the candied hearts that got stuck in her hair.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 21

One of the perks of being the photographer is that sometimes you get to ride with the couple on the way to portraits. This is especially nice if it is a Rolls Royce Cloud. This was a first for me (riding in a Rolls, not photographing a kiss of course.)

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 22

Portraits took place in Itasca, which is where Todd and Eugenia are renovating there home together. They really wanted to use the park in the middle of town and I had no objections. It was such a sweet little place.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 23Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 24Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 25

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 26Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 27

Here you can see that I did not Photoshop out the candied hearts. I thought t looked cute since they were in front of their Get Away Car. Of course they will get a Photoshopped Version as well.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 28Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 29

And just a few last photos of some of the Greek Dancing at the reception. They started with the wedding party and then would add more and more people as the music played…

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 30

As the couple danced, money was thrown around them and then the kids would run around and collect it. I still never figured out if it was their job to

collect it and then give it to an adult to be put back into circulation,or if they got to keep it. I’m guessing it is the former.

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 31

Or maybe it was the latter. LOL. Either way, they had a blast!

Chicago Greek Wedding Chionis Blog 32

Thank You So Much Eugenia and Todd for trusting me to document your special day!

Valerie + Brandon= Love, Orchard Ridge Farms Wedding, Rockton IL

It’s quite flattering (and a bit intimidating) when a fellow photographer asks you to shoot their children’s wedding, especially when it is someone who is so experienced and respected in your area. When Kristen Simpson of Photography by Kristen asked me if I was available for her step daughter Valerie’s wedding, I was really honored. I knew everything was going to be beautiful. I was familiar with the venue location, The Copperstone Inn and Orchard Ridge Farms Pavilion, and was very excited to be shooting there. Another plus was that the couple, Valerie and Brandon, are as sweet as they are gorgeous. They were so easy to work with and photograph!

Here are some pre-wedding details from The Inn.

Copperstone Inn Bridal Details

The Inn’s Bridal Suite is just beautiful and was the perfect backdrop for getting ready photos.



Bride Gets Ready At Copperstone Inn


Bride Getting Ready At Copperstone Inn


Valerie’s Little Sister was one of her flower girls.

Flower Girl With Wedding Dress


Copperstone Inn Bridal Suite

This might be my favorite photo from the day. Such sweet girls!

Flower GirlsFlower GirlFlower Girl

Valerie was stunning!

Bridal Portrait

Valerie and Brandon decided to do a First Look. It’s always touching to witness a couple during this moment, and it’s an honor to be there to capture it for them. The look took place in the cellar part of the Inn (which is more like a really fancy brick entry way.) It was the perfect intimate setting.

See what I mean about them being so easy to photograph. I feel like they should be modeling for Bridal Magazines.

The ceremony and reception then took place at The Pavilion. It’s such a great space, and Kristen did an AMAZING job with all of the decor. She really needs to add Wedding Planner to her list of services now because it was top notch!

The ceremony was short, but sweet, and afterward we all headed out for some photos in the snow. It was super cold, but all were good sports!



Just a few details from all of Kristen’s hard work.

Orchard Ridge Farm Pavilion Wedding Reception

 I’ll end with some dancing photos. Earlier in the night as I was changing cards (or batteries), I heard the dance floor erupt as one of the groomsmen

decided to bust a move. I was so sad I missed it, but he agreed to do an encore later on. When he did, I was ready and the Groom joined in as well.

Who doesn’t love a few Break Dance Moves now and then?

Orchard Ridge Farms Pavilion ReceptionOrchard Ridge Farms Pavilion Reception

Orchard Ridge Farms Pavilion ReceptionOrchard Ridge Farms Pavilion ReceptionOrchard Ridge Farms Pavilion Reception

 And one last sweet one of Valerie and Brandon’s first dance.

Orchard Ridge Farms Pavilion Wedding Reception


Thank you Valerie and Brandon (and Kristen) for choosing me to document your beautiful day! It was amazing.

Madison, WI Maternity Photographer || Tamsie and Holland ||Throwback Thursday


It’s Throwback Thursday, so I thought I’d share a session from, say, oh about 7 months ago. I just recently had a Maternity Session, which reminded me of how much I LOVE them. This session in particular was special because it was for my niece Tamsie, who also  happens to be my assistant photographer at weddings. I loved everything about this session and even though it was so cold out (that seemed to be a running theme last fall with all of my sessions) we had so much fun. I had forgotten how much I loved so many of these images and I’m kind of excited to finally be sharing them. I hope you enjoy them! Be sure to read through the whole post for a sweet photo of the baby at the end. And, if you are an expectant mama who is interested in a Maternity Session, I would love to hear from you!!


We started off at the forest preserve which is so beautiful in the fall.





Tamsie and Holland had this awesome blanket that was to cover the Baby’s Changing Table. I love the series that follows.



I love this photo so much. I feel like every mama to be should  have a photo like this because it just screams, “I’m Happy In My Preggers Body!” 🙂

Daddy  playing for mama and the babe.







Had to add in a little bit of book nerdery. 😉


The baby was due in Dec., so they wanted some Christmasy images.

And……this is the beauty that Tamsie and Holland made. Isn’t she the prettiest baby you ever did see? We love her so much and can’t get enough of her cuteness!!